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Welcome to My Promotions - more than great deals!

Custom Sourced Promotional Products

I can’t find what I’m after on your website – can you still help me? 

If My Promotions doesn’t have what you are looking for on our website, contact us or your sales team member with a description, and preferably an image, and we will do our best to source or custom make it for you.

Where do custom made products come from? 

In some cases, we communicate directly with off-shore factories in China, USA and New Zealand as well as local Australia manufacturers to design and make just what you are looking for.

How long will it take? 

Custom made promotional products can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the tools and machinery required as well as the freight option available. Sometimes the most economic products will take the longest as they are sea freighted into Australia.

What is an Indent or Off-shore Product?

 In the promotional product industry, the terms indent and off-shore are used to describe promotional products that are brought into Australia from another country ready to ship directly to you. 

What is the difference between a product in Australia and an Indent Product? 

The big difference when you decide to order Indent product is that as My Promotions is now dealing on your behalf directly with the manufacturer, we can now change aspects of the product to better match your branding needs like the product colour, shape & size, packaging, flavours and decoration options.  When you purchase a product already in Australia, the product in most cases cannot be modified.

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