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Printing on Promotional Products

What kind of printing is there for promotional products?

A promotional product can be printed with a Pad Print, a Transfer Print, a Screen Print or a Wrap Print.  Each type of printing process is designed to work on a different type of material or sub straight to best adhere the ink to the product.

What is Pad Printing? 

The printing process where an image or logo is transferred from an inked photo-etched plate to a product by using a soft silicone pad.  Pad printing is normally used on smaller plastic items like pens, key rings, stress toys etc.  It is not recommended for metal items as it may rub off over time. 

What is Transfer Printing? 

The printing process where an image or logo is printed flat then heat applied onto a fabric product.  It is recommended over screen printing on some items as the ink is set before applying and will not seep or bleed onto fabric products. 

What is Screen Printing? 

The printing process where a framed stretched screen displaying a logo is placed over a product and the ink is scraped through the printing screen onto the item.  It is recommended for printing large areas on paper or thick fabric materials which the ink cannot bleed through. 

What is Wrap Printing? 

The printing process in which a logo is printed and wrapped around cylindrical products like drink bottles and can mugs. 

What colours can I print?

My Promotions uses only PMS colours for printing.  Each printing process has printing restrictions based on physical limitations of machinery.  It is recommended to keep a printed logo to 1 or 2 colours.  For logos of 3 or more colours, the My Promotions sales team will need to check it can be printed before ordering.

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